Communicate your message to the right audience.

Translation, Interpretation and Project Execution

The people behind bmcg have based their careers on bridging cultures and languages in helping businesses take advantage of valuable international opportunities through powerful communication.

Our core service offerings include the assurance of effective, multi-lingual communication.

Our Language Bridging team, Enterprise Architects, Project Management specialists and Business and System Analysts offer powerful language capabilities, woven with significant industry experience, to help our clients make the most of international collaboration.

Localization Services

bmcg enthusiastically welcomes software vendors looking to expand their user base to the Japan market. Our team includes individuals deeply experienced in the following aspects of software localization:

  • Japanese User Interfaces – more than just text, but the “User Experience”
  • Japan market-specific business rules
  • Japan market-specific operating processes and procedures
  • Japanese finance and accounting practices
  • Japan market-specific third party data feeds and files
  • Japan market-specific statutory and regulatory reporting
  • Japanese language resource bundles/files
  • Data and object model enhancement to fit Japan functional requirements
  • Japanese market-specific data and integration meta rules and utilities (party de-duplication, data management, etc.)